Vivaldi - make your music popular and earn on your favorite hobby Whitepaper

What is Vivaldi?

Vivaldi is a global platform for musicians from around the world.

Today's musical applications have many problems:

• intrusive advertising;

• high prices for subscription and music;

• low rewards for musicians.

With the Vivaldi blockchain platform, all obstacles to modern music progress will disappear. Any musician who wants to let the world know about his work will be able to publish tracks on Vivaldi site and make them popular. If the music becomes popular, then the musician will not only gain new fans, but also will receive a hefty income.

For fans of music, Vivaldi also offers a set of advantages. First, Vivaldi uses only targeted advertising - you will not hear offers about goods and services that you are not interested in. Second, you do not have to pay a lot for music: Vivaldi charges a minimum fee for its services.

Vivaldi will make relationships between musicians and the audience fair and transparent. So, in the short term, the popularity of modern musicians and their revenues will increase. It is the main goal of the Vivaldi the developers.

How will Vivaldi be used?

In the Vivaldi project, Vivaldi cryptocurrency is used. It solves several problems at once:

• Allows to reward bands publishing their music on Vivaldi platform;
• Allows to reward miners involved in validating transactions:

Musicians who use Vivaldi to promote their songs can launch loyalty programs for their fans. Thanks to this functionality music fans can receive a reward in Vivaldi coins from their favorite authors.
Vivaldi users get the opportunity to freely choose the music that they like. On Vivaldi the leading positions will be occupied by teams creating a quality creative product. This is guaranteed by a fair system of rewards for musicians: they receive cryptocurrency directly from listeners, and not from the owners of the platform.

  • Proof of Stake

    Vivaldi uses the innovative Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. There won't be any "mining" in the usual sense of this word: those who have accumulated some Vivaldi coins, will be able to earn more.

  • Masternode

    Use your devices to create a masternode for the Vivaldi network, and get up to 75% of the reward for creating new blocks.

  • Send Receive Currency

    Use cryptoexchanges to buy or sell Vivaldi coins.

  • Coin name Vivaldi
  • Coin ticker VVL
  • Block Time 60 seconds
  • Staking age 2 hours
  • MN Rewards 75%
  • POS Rewards 25%
  • Total Supply 300 000 000
  • MN Collateral 5000
  • Premine 300 000
  • Block height Reward
  • 1 - 16000 1
  • 16001 - 38000 50
  • 38001 - 82000 100
  • >82001 50
Premium Allocation

Total Premine will be distributed according to this plan

  • 28% Coin Sale
  • 24% Marketing
  • 22% Development
  • 20% Co-operation
  • 6% Bounty
Q3 2018
  • Vivaldi network launch
  • Release of a cryptocurrency wallet
  • Announcement of the project on the BitcoinTalk forum
  • Pre-sale launch
  • Listing on exchanges
Q4 2018
  • Marketing and bounty campaigns launch
  • White Paper and mobile wallet release
Q1 2019
  • Website and White Paper Update
  • Listing on new exchanges
  • The platform's beta version release
Q2-Q3 2019
  • Listing on major exchanges
  • 200,000 active users
  • Full version of the platform release
  • Strategic partnerships with major representatives of the music industry
Our Team

The Vivaldi platform is developed by a team of experienced specialists. The Vivaldi team includes blockchain professional and experts in the musical market.

  • Fry Adam Blockchain developer

    Fry Adam is the senior Vivaldi blockchain developer. Has an exceptional knowledge of Solidity, took part in the creation of two online platforms on Ethereum. He visited 76 countries and 124 musical concerts.

  • Lange Robert Marketing director

    Hi this me Robert. I am a Market Analyst of and other Cryptocurrencies. I will ensure Price we will go to the moon.

  • Möller Daniel Marketing specialist

    Möller Daniel is the Vivaldi marketing specialist. Was engaged in promotion of online musical store. He is fond of music, in his spare time he plays the guitar in his own band.

  • Hafner Bogdan Leading developer

    Hafner Bogdan is the Vivaldi leading developer. Can work in C++, Python, Java, Solidity. Has two years of experience in the development of online applications.

  • Bek Matvey Director of Development

    Bek Matvey - Vivaldi Director of Development. During his time at the same position in the company selling musical equipment, he ensured an annual 10% increase in the number of customers. He is engaged in Solidity programming.